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FENRIS - Magazin
für Compoundbögen

The FENRIS is neither a classical vertical bow nor a crossbow. We managed to bring something completely new to the market.

The combination of a magazine and a compound bow creates an all new feeling and is very addicting.

Even without many training hours it is possible to achieve excelent accuracy and marksmanship for every archer. This with the extremely high rate of fire creates an all new experience.

Draw weight

Draw length

min. lbs
max. lbs

Modernity meets classic

The idea of making a classical bow more attractive through innovation excited us from the get-go.

The german YouTuber Jörg Sprave built the foundation for a globally unique solution of modern arching.

Our engineering-team was excited from the beginning and started building an incredible product.

Today we are proud of our FENRIS-magazine, which is completely made of the hughest quality materials in Austria.

high rate of fire

The FENRIS is built in a way that allows you to shoot 5 arrows without taking the hand off your bow. You can stay on target throughout all 5 arrows. Within a matter of seconds it's possible to shoot 5 arrows.

easy target acquisition

With the Steambow FENRIS evade multiple learning intensive aspects of archery. Everything that you have to do is focus on the target. The magazine and trigger will take care of the rest. Within a few hours it is possible to accomplish results that you would need years of training for with a regular bow.

precise followthrough

The FENRIS is made with a precision that allows your bow to be cocked exactly the same way with every shot. This improves your aiming and allows consistent results.


The arrows in the FENRIS-magazine are stored safely and only after cocking it is possible for an arrow to leave the magazine.

flexible release

The Steambow FENRIS has a release that is as simple as the trigger of a regular weapon and can be laid out the way you want. Depening on how the magazine is mounted on the bow you can push the release either with the thumb or the pinky.

No dryfiring

With the help of the specially formed magazine lever you will notice immediately if your magazine is empty. This is an effective protection against accidental shooting without an arrow and the following damages on your bow. If you cock without an arrow the lever will catch the string.

Reloading with one simple motion

As soon as the FENRIS-magazine is filled you can shoot with the exact same tension all the time. The cocking of your bow simultaneously reloads the FENRIS. This way you can shoot all arrows within a matter of seconds.


The FENRIS can be stored with arrows in the magazine. Because there is no tension in the system this is safe. With one quick movement your FENRIS is ready to shoot.

Improve your FENRIS



Make the most of your Steambow FENRIS. All add-ons such as the rear Picatinny-rail, the laser-sight or special broadheads can be found in our shop.








 830 mm

41 mm

81 mm 

 1,4 kg

made of milled &



Compound-bow „M1“





325 mm

62 mm

800 mm

1,5 kg


The FENRIS-magazine come with 5 arrows and fild tips.

The compound-bow “M1” comes with the adapter made of milled & anodized aluminum that fits the magazine.


Yes, the FENRIS comes with 5 arrows with field tips.

Yes, absolutely. It is important that you use the FENRIS-nocks. These are available in our shop. You will also need to work with 2 vanes because the arrows are not stackable otherwise.

Yes, that is possible. You can find broadheads that are made for the FENRIS in our shop. It is important, that you use 2D-broadheads that are stackable.

5 arrows fit in the magazine.

Yes, you can use the FENRIS-magazine with most compound-bows. Make sure that your bow uses a thread for mounting the arrow rest. If your bow meets this requirement nothing stands between using the FENRIS with your bow. Now check, if there are 2 threads on your bow. Then it is possible to mount the FENRIS directly on the bow. If your bow only has one thread you can find an adapter for that in our shop. FENRIS. This adapter comes with different screws so that it fits most compound-bows and that the FENRIS-magazine can be mounted on your bow.

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