Frequently Asked Questions
Order / Payment / Shipping
General information
How can I order goods from you?

Please use our web shop. This is the only way we process orders.

Is there a showroom or can I buy directly from you on site?

No, as we are a pure production company, this is unfortunately not possible.

If an item is not in stock, what should I do?

We are constantly working to make our product range available in the web shop. If an item is sold out, it will be back in stock soon. We ask you for a little patience and to check our stock again at a later date.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay for your order by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and SOFORT.

What should I include when making a bank transfer?

Please include your order number as the payment reference so that we can allocate your transfer.

Can I also pay for my order by cash-on-delivery/invoice/payment slip?

No, we do not offer these payment methods.

Can I enter a DHL Packstation or a post office as the delivery address?

No, unfortunately not. We use different shipping service providers and they do not deliver to DHL Packstation terminals or post offices.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide. Please check whether our products are allowed in your country.

How much does shipping cost?

We charge the following shipping costs:
Within Austria: 7 euros
Within Europe: 15 euros
Outside Europe: 50 euros

Can I still change my order after it has been submitted?

No, unfortunately not. The orders are processed automatically, so changes or additions are not possible.

How long do deliveries take?

Usually your order is shipped the next working day after receipt of payment. Please note that bank transfers can take a few days. Once your shipment is on its way, it will take an average of 2-5 working days for it to reach you within the EU according to the shipping service providers.

Where can I find my tracking number?

You will automatically receive the tracking number for your order by email as soon as we have sent your package on its way.

According to the shipment information, my order hasn't moved for days. What's going on?

We ship our products from Austria. If you have ordered from another country, it is often the case that the tracking information is only updated once the package has been scanned for the first time in the destination country.

If the shipment tracking has not been updated for more than a week, please contact us at support@steambow.com.

Experience has shown that a little patience is usually enough and the shipment will find its way to you.

What should I do if my question is not listed here?

Then please send us an email to support@steambow.com
Please be sure to include your order number and name in your email so we can help you.

Proof of age
When do I have to provide proof of age?

In some countries, such as Germany, proof of age must be provided by law at the point of sale. This is not necessary when purchasing a FENRIS or accessories. If in doubt, check with the your country’s laws. This proof is not required in Austria.

Why do I have to provide proof of age?

In Germany, for example, the law stipulates that crossbows may only be sold to persons over the age of 18. The proof of age is therefore used to verify that you are of legal age.

How does the proof of age work?

If you order a crossbow from us, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Please simply reply to this and attach a photo of a valid ID document to the email. Name, date of birth and (if available) expiry date must be clearly visible.

Is payment by credit card or PayPal sufficient as proof of age?

No, we cannot accept this as proof of age. Legislation requires proof by means of a valid, official document.

General company policy regarding age

We do not ship to minors!

Orders within the EU
Why does the price change during my order process?

According to EU regulations, the tax rates must be adjusted to those of the respective member country. The tax rate will be adjusted to your country at the latest during the ordering process. The price at the end of the order in the order details is binding.

Do I have to pay customs or other import fees?

No, no such fees are due within the EU.

Why do the prices vary?

Due to a legal change within the EU, which became effective on 1.7.2021, we have to adjust the VAT rate. Depending on which country in the EU you are ordering from, there are different VAT rates that will be applied to the price.

If you are connected to the Internet through a proxy server or a VPN, you will be shown the actual price that applies to your country before finalizing the order.

Orders outside the EU
How does the tax work?

Orders placed outside the EU are shown tax-free by us. Import duties and/or taxes are only levied upon import into the destination country (e.g. Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA) and are usually paid directly to the shipping company.

Cancellation / Withdrawal / Complaints
The product I ordered is defective/damaged. What can I do?

Please send us an email at support@steambow.com and tell us about your concerns. Please be sure to attach photos

My order is incomplete/something is missing.

Please check the enclosed delivery note. Occasionally, we send your order in more than one shipment. In these cases, we will send the rest of your order in a separate delivery as soon as it is in stock.
If a product is listed on the packing slip but is not in the package, please email support@steambow.com support@steambow.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I cancel/return my order?

You are naturally entitled to your statutory right of withdrawal from us. Please note, however, that we have to process this manually and this takes a little time.
If you want to cancel your order, please send an email to sales@steambow.com

We would be grateful if you could also briefly explain the reason for your cancellation so that we can improve the experience of shopping with us.

Who bears the costs of return shipping?

The buyer has to pay for return shipping himself.

When and how do I get my money back?

Once your return has arrived and has been checked by us, you will get your money back. If you paid by credit card or SOFORT transfer, please provide us with bank details to which we can transfer your refund.

When returning the products, please make sure that the products are complete, undamaged and in their original packaging, otherwise we may have to charge you for a reduction in value.

AR-6 Stinger II Tactical / Compact
Many accessories of the Stinger II are also compatible with the Stinger I.
General information
What is the difference between the Tactical and Compact?

The Tactical is equipped with a buttstock that improves the cocking of the crossbow by providing leverage with the buttstock. This means that limbs with a higher draw weight can be used. This increases range and penetration. However, the cocking process is harder and may take longer.

The Compact is cocked by pulling back the cocking device. It’s extremely fast. A rate of under one second per bolt is definitely achievable. However, the compact lacks the leverage of the Tactical. As a result, weaker limbs are used.

Both products are sports equipment! Nevertheless, the power of both Stingers should not be underestimated

Is my Stinger dangerous?

Although Stinger is considered a piece of sports equipment in Austria, the power should not be underestimated, even with practice bolts. Therefore, never point the crossbow at people or animals! Hits can result in serious injuries or even death!

In Germany and many other countries, the crossbow is considered a weapon that you can only own freely from the age of 18.

Be sure to check the legal situation in your country!

Are bolts included?

Yes, the sets come with bolts:
– 6 blue practice bolts with the Tactical
– 6 black bodkin bolts with the Compact

Which limbs does the Stinger II come with?

The included limbs are:
– 55 lbs limbs on the Tactical
– 35 lbs limbs on the Compact

What is the range of the Stinger II?

Specifications for the standard version are:
– The Tactical with 55 lbs: up to 25 metres
– Compact at 35 lbs: up to 15 metres

Of course, the range can be increased using hold-over aiming and/or stronger limbs. The ranges refer to accurate shooting without any special techniques.

How many bolts fit in the magazine?

Six bolts fit in the magazine.

Can I use broadheads in the Stinger magazine?

Yes you can. We designed our own broadhead bolts for the AR-6 Stinger series. You can buy them in our shop.

How can I customise my Stinger?

There are no limits to your creativity. As standard, the Stinger II offers the possibility to attach a red dot sight to the upper Picatinny rail. On both sides of the magazine, one universal mount (for light and/or laser) and/or one quiver (speedloader container) each can be mounted with a raised Picatinny rail (0000472). All in all, accessories can be mounted on top and on both sides.

How do I disassemble the magazine and install the red laser, universal mount and/or side Picatinny rails?

You will find picture-by-picture assembly instructions for installing the universal bracket in our “Instructions” section or at this link: https://www.steambow.at/download/1376/

For installation you simply have to push the retaining pin on the cover out and remove the cover. You can then loosen the six screws and separate the two halves of the magazine. The necessary mounting holes must be drilled with a 4mm drill bit. Fasten the rail and/or bracket with nuts and bolts, reassemble the magazine and tighten the screws without overtightening. Finally put the cover on and reinstall the pin through.

Do I have to consider anything before using the Stinger?

A quick check to see if everything is in order is usually sufficient. Taking a particular look at the limb end caps and the string (especially the centre serving) is also good practice. If there signs of damage, please replace them before using your Stinger.

Do I need to service my Stinger II?

Basically, the Stinger II requires little maintenance. Keep it clean, lubricate the rail and cocking rod guides, and treat the string with a string wax from time to time.

Also check out our maintenance post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR3-JNzL4ON/

What can I use to lubricate the rail?

You will find a suitable grease for the rail in our shop. You can also use a silicone spray. Vaseline is also a good choice if no other grease is available.

What do I do if I have broken a spring or lost a screw, nut or washer?

Don’t worry, our spare parts kit for the Stinger contains all the relevant spare parts for your Stinger II. The kit contains the three springs, various screws, washers and nuts as well as a spare fibre optic rod for the front sight.
The springs can also be used for the AR-6 Stinger I.

Does the Stinger II have a safety?

No, we made a conscious decision not to include a safety. With a magazine crossbow, you don’t need to reach over the string to reload a bolt anyway, and most pistol crossbows only block the trigger.
This means that if your string is hit, it will release even if there is a safety device. However, for safety reasons we have made the trigger pull heavier.

Can I store my Stinger cocked?

You shouldn’t do that. On the one hand for safety reasons and on the other hand the constant tension damages the limbs and string.
Of course, you can store the Stinger for a long time with the string installed if it is uncocked.

What are the correct storage conditions for my Stinger?

Please store your Stinger in a dry environment. If you don’t use the Stinger for a long time, you should check and maintain it.
Please also check the legal regulations for storing crossbows in your country.

I always hit slightly off. Why is that?

Since we deliberately excluded a safety on the Stinger II, the trigger pull is designed to be heavier. This is a bit unusual for many shooters at first and often means that the shooter shifts the bow a little at the last moment when the string passes over the edge of the deck. This is a trigger control error on the part of the shooter himself. But don’t worry, with a little practice this problem will quickly be overcome. For shooters who use a laser sight, this phenomenon usually does not occur at all.

Where can I find the instructions for the Stinger II?

AR-6 Stinger II Tactical:

AR-6 Stinger II Compact:

Where can I find the instructions for the Stinger I?

AR-6 Stinger I with metal magazine:

AR-6p Stinger I with plastic magazine:

First steps
I received my AR-6 Stinger II Tactical, how do I assemble it?

Just take a look at our unboxing and assembly video:

I received my AR-6 Stinger II Survival, how do I assemble it?

Just take a look at our unboxing and assembly video:

I received my AR-6 Stinger II Compact, how do I assemble it?

Just take a look at our unboxing and assembly video:

AR-6 Stinger II Compact specific
How do I cock my Compact correctly?

In order not to damage your Compact and to have fun shooting for a long time, you should operate the rear black cocking handle with three fingers (index, middle and ring finger). This will actuate the cocking mechanism evenly. Also, be careful not to obstruct the mechanism’s springs with your fingers.

What is the tool with the black handle that comes with the Compact for?

The hex key with the black handle is used to adjust the silver cocking rods.

How do I adjust the silver cocking rods on my Compact?

You can use the supplied hex key with a black handle to adjust the two screws at the rear end of the cocking handle. If you loosen these a bit, you can turn the silver cocking rods outwards or inwards and then tighten the screws again. Please make sure that the hooks at the end of the cocking rod that hold the string are angled about 30 degrees away from the magazine to keep the hooks farther from the magazine than the main shaft of the cocking rods.

Feel free to watch our video for help:

When cocking the Stinger, my string does not (properly) snap into the intended position. What can I do?

Please check whether the two silver cocking rods on your Stinger are set correctly. These must not stand vertically upwards or point towards the magazine. Instead, they should be angled about 30 degrees away from the magazine to position the string correctly when cocking.

Which sighting systems can I use?

The Stinger II is delivered with a rear and front sight, and a fibre optic front sight helps you when aiming

In addition, there are various ways to upgrade your Stinger:
– a red laser < 1 mW (Part 0000425) for the accessory compartment in the magazine of the Stinger - a green laser < 5 mW (Part 0000361) for side mounting on the magazine with the universal bracket - a red dot sight (Part 0000150) for mounting directly on the top Picatinny rail on the front of the magazine

Can I put a scope on the Stinger and would that even make sense?

It is possible to use one, but we would not advise it. The Stinger II is not designed for long range use and if you look through a scope you will have a reduced field of view. We therefore advise you to use a red dot sight. This way you have a full view of your surroundings and no loss of accuracy at ranges suited to the Stinger.

What is the difference between the red and green laser?

The output wattage, the color, and the method of mounting.
– The red laser is housed directly in the magazine, has an output of < 1 mW and is primarily used for indoor shooting and/or in twilight or dark conditions. - The green laser is attached to the side of the magazine, has an output of < 5 mW and is mainly used for shooting in daylight. In general, our eyes can pick up the color green much more easily than red. This is also apparent when using the two lasers in daylight. The green laser will still be highly visible under conditions where the red laser would be virtually invisible.

Which sights do you recommend?

In practice, you can make very accurate hits with the standard fibre optic front sight. What you want in addition depends on you personally. However, the combination with a red laser and red dot sight has proven very practical and very suitable for everyday use.
The red dot sight for use in daylight or outdoors and the red laser for shooting in the dark or indoors as well as aiming without a firm cheek weld on the stock.

How do I install the red laser (Part 0000425)?

You will find picture-by-picture assembly instructions for installing the universal bracket in our “Instructions” section or directly at this link: https://www.steambow.at/download/1376/
For installation you simply have to push the retaining pin on the cover out and remove the cover. You can then loosen the six screws and separate the two halves of the magazine. Insert the laser, testing beforehand to confirm it is functional. Put the magazine back together and tighten the screws without overtightening. Finally put on the cover and reinstall the pin.

Feel free to watch our video for help:

How do I zero the red laser (Part 0000425)?

There are three small screws on the head of the laser. The matching hex key is already included in the Stinger set. The three screws are arranged evenly around circumference of the laser emitter housing. Use small adjustments. Aim at an area and see how far the laser point deviates from the iron sights. Now you know in which direction to move the point. Loosen the screw in the direction you wish to move the laser and tighten the other two screws carefully and this will “push” the laser point in the desired direction. Once the laser is zeroed properly, gently tighten the screws you loosened to lock the laser in place without changing the point of aim.
Only make small adjustments, otherwise this process can quickly become frustrating.

Feel free to watch our video for help:

What should I do if my red laser (Part 0000425) fails or doesn't work?

Please try the following:
– Check whether the batteries are dead.
– Make sure the back piece that contains the switch is screwed tightly into the laser housing.
– Make sure the three screws on the front of the laser are tight and making contact.
– Spray a small amount of contact spray on both sides of the switch.

Which batteries do I need for the red laser (Part 0000425)?

You need three AG13/357A/CX44/LR44W batteries.
Batteries are included with the laser sight.

How do I install the green laser (Part 0000361)?

You will find picture-by-picture assembly instructions for installing the universal bracket in our “Instructions” section or directly at this link: https://www.steambow.at/download/1376/
For installation you simply have to push out the retaining pin on the cover and remove the cover. You can then loosen the six screws and separate the two halves of the magazine. The necessary holes are drilled with a 4mm drill bit. Fasten the universal bracket with the supplied screws and nuts. Put the magazine back together and tighten the screws without overtightening. Finally put on the cover and reinstall the pin.

How do I install the green laser (Part 0000361)?

There are two screws on the laser. With these, the emitter position is adjusted vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, there is a set screw in the bracket. This is used to correct the distance of the bracket if necessary.

Which battery do I need for the green laser (Part 0000361)?

You need a 14250 3.7V battery.
Alternatively, you can also use a rechargeable battery. The battery included with a new laser is not rechargeable!

What do I do if the battery (type 14250) does not fit in the green laser (0000361)?

The battery is wrapped in a kind of foil, which is relatively thick for some manufacturers. You can simply remove this and it will fit perfectly in the laser.

How do I install the red dot sight (Part 0000150)?

The red dot sight is simply attached to the Picatinny rail at the front of the Stinger magazine giving you the largest possible distance between your eye and the sight for the greatest possible accuracy. The shorter the distance from the eye to the sight the less accuracy is possible.

How do I zero the red dot sight (Part 0000150)?

There is a screw on the top of the sight to adjust the elevation (height). Another screw is on the left side of the sight body, to adjust windage (moving the point of aim left or right).
You can select between a red and green reticle color, four different reticles, and five brightness settings. The sight is switched off when the brightness/color selector is set to G or R.

Which battery do I need for the red dot sight (Part 0000150)?

You need a CR2032 3V battery.
A battery is included with the red dot sight.

Limbs / String
Do Stinger II limbs fit the Stinger I?


Do Stinger I limbs fit the Stinger II?


What is the difference between the Stinger I and II limbs?

The limbs of the Stinger II are made of a fiberglass-carbon mixture. As a result, they have a significantly higher performance than the models of the first AR series. Also, they are a bit taller.

What limbs are available?

AR-6 Stinger II limbs:
– 35 lbs (blue CQ logo – CQ stands for Close Quarters)
– 55 lbs (no marking, referred to as Tactical)
– 90 lbs (red PRO logo)

AR-6 Stinger I limbs:
– 50 lbs (standard limbs)
– 80 lbs (olive PRO logo)

Which limbs do I use where?

You can use all three limb types with the Tactical, depending on what you want to do. The 35 lbs limbs are suitable for very light cocking, the 90 lb limbs are for maximum performance and the standard 55 lbs limbs are the perfect all-rounder.
For the Compact we recommend the 35 lbs limbs that are already included in the set. If you want more power, you can of course upgrade to 55 lbs limbs. As cocking the Compact does not have the leverage of the buttstok assembly we cannot recommend the 90 lbs limbs in the Compact even though they fit. The force needed to cock the bow would very likely negatively affect your experience.

How do I decock my limbs if I don't want to shoot?

Do not dry fire your Stinger (shoot the bow without a bolt in front of the string)!
Instead grip the string very tightly and we mean really tightly! While doing so pull the trigger and slowly let the string slide forward. The resistance your grip provides will protect the limbs from a dry fire. Always avoid dry firing, even when using the stringing aid! You can also let the stringing aid down in the same way.

Just watch our video:

The 55 lbs limbs included with my Stinger II Tactical are not enough, I want something more powerful. What can I do?

You have two options if you want to increase the power of your AR-6 Stinger II Tactical.

If you are still a beginner in archery and with crossbows and do not yet have a lot of experience in selecting the correct bolts and in maintaining your equipment, we recommend you choose the PRO tuning limbs with a draw weight of 80 lbs.
These have considerably more power than the standard limbs (55 lbs) without putting an excessive amount of stress on the string and end caps.

Once you have gained more experience and knowledge about topics such as minimum bolt weight and maintenance and if you are familiar with and can avoid the most common errors (such as dry firing), you will have no trouble with the new fiberglass/carbon fiber composite PRO limbs with a draw weight of 90 lbs.
They offer the highest possible level of power, along with greater range and penetration than any other option. However, this also means considerably more maintenance effort for the user and higher wear.

No matter which of these two limbs you choose, be sure to never use bolts that are too light! Our hunting and bodkin bolts are perfect for our tuning limbs.
These bolts are also suitable for self-defense and hunting and can put the greater range and penetration that the heavier limbs offer to best use.

Bolts from other manufacturers may not be suitable because of their weight but also for other reasons. We accept no liability for the use of such bolts!

For practice and target shooting, we highly recommend the standard 55 lbs limbs.

What is dry firing?

Dry firing is when you fire a crossbow or bow without an arrow/bolt inserted. The energy released should be transferred to moving the arrow but instead transfers to the limbs only and damages the material of the crossbow or bow! Dry firing your Stinger 2 will void the limb and end cap warranty.

I’ve had a dry fire. What should I do now?

Check the limbs and end caps! The end caps in particular serve as a predetermined breaking point and in most cases only they have to be replaced before the Stinger is ready again.
A dry fire usually causes small, barely visible damage to the end cap material. After a few shots, if the cap is not replaced, the material will start to crack and ultimately the end cap will fail and, in the worst case, the string will destroy the limbs!
So be sure to replace the end caps before the limbs become damaged. You can get the end caps in our shop.

How do I install the string in the Stinger?

You will find illustrated step-by-step instructions in the Stinger user manual. You can find them on this page: https://www.steambow.at/anleitungen/

Or check out our video on string installation on the Stinger II:

Should I twist the string when installing?

Yes, a few turns is good for the string and also increases power. We twist the string with 4 turns. However, too many revolutions are also bad for the string and can lead to damage.

What is the purpose of the groove on the limb tips (0000368)?

The groove serves as a receptacle for the stringing aid.
Just take a look at our video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CZr8o7SrANu/

The centre serving on the string is coming loose. Do I have to replace the string?

You can easily replace the centre serving and continue to use the string. There are many tutorial videos on YouTube that explain exactly how the center serving can be replaced. Alternatively, you can simply replace the string with a new one.

Do I need different strings for the different limbs?

No, you can use either of the two strings on sale in our shop (black or orange/black) on any of the limbs.

My string has worn out. What can I do about it or is that normal?

Yes, the string is a typical wearing part on a crossbow. The first string in particular has a significantly shorter service life than subsequent ones. With use, the edges of a Stinger will round off over time. As a result, strings used later suffer less wear. You can use a file or sandpaper to smooth any sharp edges, especially the rear notch where the string is held after cocking.

A clean and well-maintained crossbow, as well as a lubricated rail, also contribute to a significantly longer service life.

Can I mount a light on my Stinger?

Yes, you can. We have two different models in our range. Please check local regulations and laws to see if they’re allowed in your country.

Which lights are available for the Stinger?

We offer two different models:
– Light (Part 0000362) for side mounting with the universal bracket
– Light (Part 0000192) for mounting on a Picatinny rail

How do I attach the light to the Stinger using the universal bracket?

You will find picture-by-picture assembly instructions for installing the universal bracket in our “Instructions” section or directly at this link: https://www.steambow.at/download/1376/
For installation you simply have to push out the retaining pin on the cover and remove the cover. You can then loosen the six screws and separate the two halves of the magazine. The required holes are drilled with a 4mm drill bit. Fasten the universal bracket with the provided screws and nuts. Put the magazine back together and tighten the screws without overtightening. Finally put on the cover and reinstall the pin.

Does the bracket light (Part 0000362) always have to be on the Stinger?

No, there is the practical clip to quickly and easily attach and remove the lamp from the universal bracket. You can also use this clip to attach the light to your belt or wherever you need it.

How many lumens does the bracket light (Part 0000362) produce?

The lamp emits 300 lumens.

Which battery do I need for the bracket light (Part 0000362)?

You need a CR123A 3V battery.
Alternatively, you can use a rechargeable battery. The battery included with the new light is not rechargeable!

How do I attach the light (Part 0000192) with the Picatinny mount to the Stinger?

You can easily attach the lamp to a Picatinny rail. A popular spot is at the bottom in front of the foregrip on the Tactical.

How many lumens does the Picatinny light (Part 0000192) produce?

The lamp emits 220 lumens.

Which battery do I need for the Picatinny light (Part 0000192)?

You need a CR-2 battery. This battery is not included.

What types of bolts are available?

For the Stingers there are:
– blue training bolts
– black bodkin bolts with hardened steel tips
– red hunting bolts with fixed broadheads

You can recognize our genuine Steambow bolts by the laser engraved Steambow logo.

Can I load/use different types of Steambow bolts in the magazine at the same time?

Yes, this works without any problems, even with the speedloader.

A tip has come loose, what do I do now?

We constantly check our bolts. Unfortunately a tip can occasionally be glued incorrectly. If this happens to you, you can glue the tip back into the shaft using two-component glue.

A bolt is bent. Can I still use it?

Over time and with frequent use, the aluminium bolts will eventually deform. Check them for straightness regularly by rolling them along the edge of a flat surface. If they have bent they can cause malfunctions when firing and inaccuracy, and you should not use them. However, before you dispose of the bolt, you can heat the shaft around the tip to allow you to remove the tip. You now have a spare tip in case you lose one from another bolt.

Can I use bolts from other manufacturers?

No, we do not recommend this under any circumstances. Our bolts are specially designed for the Stinger magazine. In addition, our speed loaders have also been specially developed for our bolts and do not work with bolts from other manufacturers. Bolts from other manufacturers are not designed for our products and can therefore cause problems. Furthermore, using other bolts may damage the magazine or cause a dry fire, which voids the warranty.

Speedloader / Quiver
What is the speedloader (Parts 0000424 / 0000470) used for?

The speedloader allows you to reload your Stinger quickly with five bolts.

Why are the speedloaders designed for five bolts when six bolts fit in the magazine?

The 5-bolt capacity is a tactical choice. If ever the Stinger 2 was needed in a high stress situation, reloading after 5 shots would mean you still one shot on tap should you need it unexpectedly. Similarly, in high-stress situations, the magazine needs also be easy to load as fine motor control reduces with adrenaline. With six bolts, the loading process could be more difficult and more prone to failure.

Do the speed loaders also fit my Stinger I?


Why are there two different types of speedloaders?

We offer two variants:
– a speed loader with color-coded fastening cord (Part 0000424). The cord colors match the colors of the 3 bolt types.
– a fixed grip speed loader (Part 0000470)

Which one you choose is a matter of taste. The speed loaders are manufactured differently and therefore have slightly different properties. The speed loader with the color-coded cords (Part 0000424) is made of a slightly softer material and protects the vanes (fletching) of the bolts more.

What is the correct way to load the speed loaders?

No matter which speedloader you choose, always make sure that you push the bolts properly into position. Please make sure that you spread the gaps in the speedloader apart a little so as not to damage the fletching when loading the bolts.

Can I also load hunting bolts into the speedloaders?

Yes, you can.

What do I need the quiver/speed loader case (Part 0000471) for?

The quiver is used to transport your loaded and ready-to-use speed loader. You can attach it either to the side of the magazine with the side Picatinny rail (Part 0000472), directly to the bottom Picatinny rail, on your belt, or to MOLLE webbing, for example on a backpack.

How do I attach the quiver to the Stinger?

Simply watch our assembly video:

Do both types of speed loaders fit in the quiver?


Color kit
How can I change the buttstock?

There is a lever on the underside of the buttstock that allows you to adjust the buttstock length. If you pull thelever down at the locking nut, it will pull the retainer pin out far enough to clear the adjustment holes in the buffer tube. When this is done, the whole buttstock can slide off the buffer tube. To install a buttstock, simply slide it onto the buffer tube until it clicks in place in the first adjustment hole.

How can I adjust the buttstock?

There is a lever on the underside of the buttstock. Pressing it against the buttstock retracts the retainer pin and allows the stock to move back and forth on the buffer tube as desired. When you have chosen your desired stock length, release the lever. The pin will then spring back into place.

My buttstock has play and "wobbles", is that how it should be?

The buttstock has play and this is intentional. It allows easier and faster adjustment. If this bothers you, you can tighten the nut on the pin through the adjustment lever. However, you should only do this if you don’t want to adjust the buttstock. When you use the Stinger, you will not notice this play or be disadvantaged in any way.

How do I swap the trigger?

Remove the two rail elements on the side. These are each fastened with three screws. Then just watch our video:

How do I install the side rails and grip?

These elements are fastened with screws. Simply remove the screws, replace the parts and screw them on.

How do I mount the front grip?

The front grip consists of two parts. There is a star-shaped knob at the base. You open and close this by turning it in or out. Turn it until the retention pin clears the picatinny rail. You can check this by looking through the small hole on the rail slide of the foregrip. Then you can move the front grip or slide it off the rail altogether. Once the front grip is in the desired position, screw the base knob back in until the retention pins locks into the rail.

Conversion kits
How do I convert my Tactical to a Compact?

Just watch our assembly video:

General information
Is the FENRIS a crossbow?

No. The FENRIS is simply an accessory for a vertical bow. Because a vertical bow needs the operator’s muscle power to keep the bow drawn to remain ready to fire, the FENRIS on a bow is not a crossbow. Crossbows can be drawn back and cocked and can remain that way without any additional effort from the archer.

Do I have to pay special attention to anything when storing my FENRIS?

Please store your FENRIS in a dry environment. You should check and service the FENRIS if it is not used for a longer period of time.
Otherwise there are no special storage restrictions, just like with any other sporting bow.

Are arrows included?

Yes, the FENRIS bow magazine comes with five arrows with field tips.

How many arrows fit in the magazine?

Five arrows fit in the magazine.

Can I use broadheads in the FENRIS?

Yes, you can. You can find perfectly designed broadheads in our shop. If you use fixed blades, it is important that you use 2D broadheads (hunting tips with two blades) as these are stackable.

In this video we show you the different FENRIS arrowheads:

Can I also use/build my own arrows?

Yes, you can. The important thing is that you use the FENRIS nocks. You can get these in our shop. You also have to work with two vanes when fletching, otherwise the arrows cannot be stacked.

How do I set the travel stop on my FENRIS?

You can find instructions on how to set the travel stop and why exactly this way here: https://www.steambow.at/download/1381/

How must the string be positioned in the FENRIS?

The string should not touch the rails of the magazine at any point during the drawing process. It should run in the middle between them without making contact. You can set the correct position with the four screws on the mounting bracket.

You can find more information in the instructions: https://www.steambow.at/download/1381/

You can also check out how to correctly adjust the string in our video:

Does the FENRIS have a safety against dry fires?

Yes. The spring-loaded arrow retainer ensures that the next arrow is pushed into place after each shot until the magazine is empty. Once the magazine is empty, the arrow retainer blocks the string from reaching and engaging with the string release. This means that dry firing is not possible without overcoming the dry fire protection intentionally or by force.

Despite the safety, I've had a dry fire. What do I do now?

With a compound bow, especially with a higher draw weight, a dry fire can cause significant damage that you can’t necessarily see yourself. It is best to have your bow checked for damage and repaired, if necessary, at an archery pro shop.

Can I use the FENRIS magazine with other compound bows?

Yes, you can combine the FENRIS magazine with most common compound bows. Make sure your bow has a tapped Berger hole for an arrow rest. If your bow meets this requirement, then you can use it with the FENRIS. If there are two Berger holes, then you can attach the FENRIS directly to the bow. If your bow only has one Berger hole, you can get a universal adapter for your FENRIS in our shop. This adapter comes with different screws so that it is suitable for most compound bows and the FENRIS magazine can be mounted on your compound bow.

Can I also use the FENRIS on a bow with a shoot-through riser?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Is the FENRIS also suitable for left-handers?

Yes, the FENRIS is also suitable for left-handers.
The only small limitation is the use of the bow-hand finger grip. In this case, there are no holes for this, you would have to drill and tap them yourself on the FENRIS.

How many pounds (lbs) of draw does the FENRIS have?

The draw weight of your FENRIS is determined by the compound bow it is used with.

Is the FENRIS suitable for hunting?

Yes, you can definitely hunt with the FENRIS in combination with broadheads. We advise checking whether bowhunting is allowed in your country!

Which sights can I use for the FENRIS?

There are many options here. You can find a selection in our shop: the laser sight specially adapted for the FENRIS (Part 0000318) or the red dot sight (Part 0000150). You can also use front and rear open sights with the rear sight rail (Part 0000320) or you can equip your FENRIS with a scope, to name just a few of the most common examples. Pin sights have also been successfully fitted if a ghost ring sight is mounted on the rear sight rail.

FENRIS set with M1 compound bow
What exactly is included in your set?

The set includes:
– FENRIS bow magazine with five arrows 0000296
– M1 compound bow 0000305
– Laser sight 0000318
– Five additional arrows Part 0000307

Can I just buy the M1 bow?

No, we only sell the bow in the FENRIS bundle.

How many pounds (lbs) is the M1 bow?

17 to 70 pounds (lbs)

How do I set the draw length on the M1 bow?

The best way to do this is to take a look at our illustrated instructions: https://www.steambow.at/download/1386/

What draw length do I need for a given draw weight (lbs)?

You will find a table with the exact values ​​in our instructions: https://www.steambow.at/download/1386/

Do I need to lubricate the bow string?

Yes, please lubricate the string regularly with string wax. You can get a suitable wax in our shop.

Also check out our maintenance post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR3-JNzL4ON/

Is the M1 bow suitable for left-handers?

No, unfortunately not. This bow is only for right-handers.

How can I replace the string on the M1 bow?

The simplest option is to go to an archery shop and have the string and cables replaced there.

If you want to replace the string yourself, you need a second person to help you. First you remove the FENRIS magazine from the bow and then set the M1 bow to the minimum draw weight (17 lbs) on both sides. You can read how to do this in the instructions. Then you draw the bow and your helper should use a screwdriver, for example, or another strong piece of smooth metal to block the cams against the limbs in the drawn position on both sides. Now you can simply remove the string and replace it with the new one. Finally, you draw the bow again, the second person removes the object from the cams, the string tension can be let down manually – and the string is replaced.

FENRIS Accessories
What is the FENRIS bow-hand finger grip (Part 0000319) for?

The finger grip lets you hold the FENRIS at full draw comfortably for a longer period of time. With the ergonomic finger grip fitted to your FENRIS, even the strength of your index finger on your bow hand can be enough to hold the bow at full draw thanks to the left-off of compound bows.

What is the FENRIS rear sight rail (Part 0000320) for?

On the front end of the FENRIS (where the arrowheads point) there are several tapped holes in a row on the underside of the magazine. Depending on the draw length, you can mount the bow-hand finger grip to suit you and use the slotted holes on the grip to vary the position slightly.

What is the FENRIS rear sight rail (Part 0000320) for?

You can use the rear sight rail to attach a variety of accessories that fit on a Picatinny rail.

How do I mount the FENRIS rear sight rail (Part 0000320)?

Near the string release of your FENRIS, there are two holes behind the arrows, one facing forward and one facing up. You can attach the sight rail there with the provided screws.

What is the FENRIS universal adapter (Part 0000321) for?

You only need the universal adapter if you want to attach your FENRIS to a compound bow that only has one tapped Berger hole for mounting an arrow rest.

How do I install the green laser (Part 0000318)?

The bracket for the FENRIS laser is attached to the front of the FENRIS magazine with two screws. Use the two grub screws to clamp the laser in the bracket.

How do I set the green laser (Part 0000318)?

There are two screws on the laser. With these, the point of aim is adjusted vertically and horizontally.

Which battery do I need for the green laser (Part 0000318)?

You need a 14250 3.7V battery.
You can also use a rechargeable battery. Please note the battery the laser set comes with is not rechargeable!

How do I use the Steambow light (Part 0000418) on the FENRIS?

The Steambow flashlight can be mounted at the front of the FENRIS using the laser bracket.

Can I also use the light with the universal bracket (Part 0000362) on my FENRIS?

Yes, you can remove the 7-slot Picatinny rail on the side of the FENRIS and attach the universal mount in its place.

Does the light (Part 0000418) always have to be on the FENRIS?

No. You can use the practical clip to quickly and easily attach the light to the universal bracket and remove it again. You can also use this clip to attach it to your belt or wherever you need it.

How many lumens does the light (0000362 or 0000418) produce?

The light emits 300 lumens.

Which battery do I need for the light (0000362 oder 0000418)?

You need a CR123A 3V battery.
You can also use a rechargeable battery. Please note the battery the light set comes with is not rechargeable!

Steambows / Excalibur Edition / Onyx
General information
How can I cock my Steambow completely silently?

The Steambow’s valve enables an almost silent cocking process if it is operated very slowly. Slowly push the red valve knob forward until the cocking process begins. With practice, you can let the air flow into the pistons very slowly in this way – the cocking process is almost completely silent. When the red cocking knob is pushed forward quickly, this cocks the bow as quickly as possible but also causes noise that may be undesired.

This video shows the cocking process with the Onyx:

How can I decock the Steambow again?

By pulling the red knob under the PowerUnit towards you, you vent the system, which relaxes the limbs again. A hiss of escaping air can be heard during this process.
Under no circumstances should you dry fire your Steambow! A dry fire will damage the limbs and string!

Damage caused by dry fires is not covered by our warranty!

I had a dry fire. What do I do now?

Damage caused by dry fires will void the warranty!

Of course you are still welcome to contact us at support@steambow.com and we will help you to get your Steambow ready to fire again.
Before your Steambow has been repaired, you should under no circumstances continue to use it, otherwise you could cause even more damage or even injure yourself and others!

What is the easiest way to supply my Steambow with compressed air at home?

Experience has shown that a small tank such as a used SCUBA tank is the simplest solution. Using a separately available adapter, the small compressed air tanks required for the Steambow can be filled directly from the larger tank. A single tank with a volume of 5 to 10 liters contains enough compressed air to be able to shoot with the Steambow for months. You can have this tank filled at paintball shops, dive shops or at specialized dealers.

Can I fill the compressed air tank with a compressor myself?

With a suitable high-pressure compressor (PCP) capable of a working pressure of 300 bar, it is possible to fill the small tanks yourself.

Can I use the hand pump to fill the compressed air tanks?

It is possible, but not recommended! If you have no other option and urgently need to fill the tanks, you can use a hand pump. But it will take a lot of time and energy.

Do I have to regularly maintain or care for my Steambow?

A steambow, like any other crossbow, requires regular care and maintenance. You should check the string before each use and treat it with string wax if necessary. The rail on which the string slides should also be waxed or greased to keep friction as low as possible. The latch and all moving parts should be lubricated regularly with a drop of oil. All bare or blackened metal parts made of conventional steel, such as the original screws of the basic crossbow, need a thin film of oil to prevent corrosion.

Our PowerUnit is essentially maintenance-free and will function without problems for years without specific care. Nevertheless, we still recommend unscrewing the piston caps, pulling out the pistons and greasing the sealing rings at least once a year. The four O-rings of the valve should also be greased at the same time. To do this, remove the valve pin from the main valve.

More details can be found in the user manual.

What types of paintball air tanks can I use?

There are two types of suitable tanks:
– Aluminum tanks with 200 bar storage pressure
– Carbon fiber tanks with 300 bar storage pressure

Can I get suitable compressed air tanks elsewhere?

Yes of course! Paintball shops offer a wide range of suitable air tanks.

How many times can the crossbow be cocked on a single full tank?

The power requirement per cocking process depends primarily on the power of the crossbow – the more draw weight the crossbow has, the more energy you need to cock the bow. The available energy is stored as compressed air in paintball air tanks. The smallest tanks have a volume of approx. 0.2 liters and the largest tanks (which can still be mounted on the Steambow) have a volume of 1.1 liters. The bigger the tank, the more energy is stored in it. Our experience shows that with the smallest available tank on our most powerful Steambow Excalibur Edition Bulldog 440, about 5 to 6 cocking cycles are possible at maximum shooting power. This is more than enough for the hunting use of the Steambow. For training and the like, however, the tank would have to be refilled often. For regular training with your Steambow, we therefore recommend using a larger tank, ideally made of carbon fiber with 300 bar and a volume of 1.1 liters. You can carry this tank comfortably in a pouch on your belt, for example, and use a hose connection to the Steambow. Then you have well over 50 shot cycles available, even at maximum shooting power.

What do the power reduction do?

The use of our power reduction adapters enables significantly more shot cycles by reducing the volume in the piston. As a result, each shot carries significantly less energy as the limbs are not cocked to their full capacity, and the arrows fly more slowly with less penetration on target.

The power reduction adapter is only compatible with the Excalibur Edition Micro 355 and Bulldog 400!

What is a hose connection (remote line) and what do I need for it?

The hose connection is also called a remote line in paintball and is available in almost every paintball shop or online paintball shop.

A remote line consists of:
– a connector for a paintball tank with a screw valve
– a hose, usually coiled
– a quick-release coupling for connection to a paintball fill nipple
A higher-quality remote line usually also has a vent valve on the side of the quick-release coupling. An adapter should also be included with your remote line so that the hose connection can be attached directly to the air connector on the Steambow.

So you need:
– such a remote line
– a larger paintball tank
– a bag to be able to carry this paintball tank comfortably.

You have several options:
First, you can screw the adapter supplied with the remote line directly to the air connector on the Steambow and attach the remote line quick-release coupling to it.
Or, you can attach the remote line to the fill nipple of a small paintball tank. In this case, the small tank is attached to your Steambow and the hose connection is also attached to the small tank. The small tank then serves as an adapter, so to speak. This is useful if the small tank runs out of air pressure.
Please note that it is not possible to fill the small tank up again in this way, because the remote line is supplied by a larger paintball tank and therefore only has an output pressure of 60 bar.

We highly recommend only operating the remote line at the pressure specified by the manufacturer. This is usually 850 psi or 60 bar. Given that the storage pressure of the simple aluminum tank is 200 bar, the remote line cannot handle the pressure needed to fill even a small tank.

How do I use a hose connection (Mamba-Line) on my Steambow?

The remote line tank connector usually has a knurled screw to operate the tank valve. Make sure that this screw is unscrewed as far as possible – i.e. turned counterclockwise. Now the remote line is screwed onto the larger paintball tank. Once the remote line quick-release coupling is attached to the Steambow or to the fill nipple of a smaller tank, you can pressurize the hose connection. To do this, turn the knurled screw on the remote line clockwise as far as possible. You will hear a soft hiss and the hose may move due to the incoming pressure. The hose connection is now pressurized and functional.

To disconnect the hose connection, proceed as follows:
First, the larger paintball tank on the remote line is deactivated by turning the knurled screw on the remote line counterclockwise. The tank is now deactivated and cannot supply any air. However, there is still a lot of residual pressure in the hose – too much to simply be able to unplug the remote line. There are several ways to vent this residual pressure, depending on the configuration of your remote line. But even if your remote line does not have a vent valve, venting is easily possible. Operate the main valve of your Steambow and set it to “cock”, as far forward as possible. There is not enough air in the hose connection for full cocking pressure, but the limbs will move somewhat. Repeat this until the movements become so weak and there is almost no more pressure in the system. Now you can safely unplug the hose connection using the quick coupling.

Can I use broadheads with my Steambow?

Yes, you can.

At Steambow, customer satisfaction is our top priority. So we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience with our products and to assist them with any questions or problems they may have.

If your request could not be answered with the FAQs above or in our instructions, just use our contact form.

Legal note

Steambow is an Austrian company operating under Austrian law. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the products they order from Steambow are legal in their country and can be shipped there without any issues arising from customs and other restrictions. Steambow GmbH assumes no liability for difficulties arising from the legal situation in the buyer’s country.