Stinger – tactical light incl. universal mount

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Tactical lamp with universal mount for the AR-6 series.


  • Tactical lamp
  • Battery
  • Universal mount
  • Assembly material


Suited for all Picatinny 7-slot mounts. As with the AR-6 Stinger or the FENRIS-magazine.

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The tactical lamp has a luminosity of 300 lumens. Together with the flexible universal mount the lamp can be secured laterally on all models of the AR-6 series.

With the AR-6 Stinger with polymer magazine you will need to drill 2 holes in the magazine for that. Here are assembly instructions as a little help.


Assemble instructions:

  1. Remove the bolt using the Allen key
  2. Take off the cover
  3. Loosen the screws on the magazine to be able to take the two half-shells apart
  4. Drill holes at the marked points
  5. Insert the nut
  6. Fasten the universal mount with screws according to the packaging
  7. Reassemble the half-shells with screws. Attention! Tighten the screws by hand with a screwdriver carefully!
  8. Fasten the cover with bolts
  9. Attach the magazine to the base body, according to the operating instructions
  10. Fasten the lamp in the universal mount with worm screws

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