Stinger broadheads – Set of 3 pcs.

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Broadheads with razor sharp blades – Set of 3 pcs.

Fitted for the AR-6 Stinger – shaft red anodized

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Broadheads with razor sharp blades – Set of 3 pcs.

Suited for the AR-6 Stinger – the shaft is read anodized. This allows great distuingishability inside of the magazine.
Balance and center of gravity are optimized for an excellent trajectory. Thus we are using a heavy stainless steel tip as well as a completely hollow shaft.
This tip was formed to fit perfectly into the magazine of the AR-6 series.

Arrow weight: 10,25 g / 157 grains
Cutting diameter: 16mm
The blade is made from stainless steel and has a thickness of 1 mm.

Attention: Inquire about the hunting and gun laws in your country before buying. Hunting with a crossbow is prohibited in many European countries! There may also be restrictions on owning and using such arrows.