Steambow AR-6 Stinger with metal magazine

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With the ultra-compact, tactical AR-6 “Stinger” pistol crossbow you are prepared for every situation! Whether effective shooting training in your own garden, or for the zombie apocalypse – this versatile repeating crossbow will never let you down.

The Steambow Stinger pistol crossbow is delivered with a built-in laser sight (is permanently installed & CANNOT be mounted on firearms!), a mechanical emergency sight, an accessory rail for an optional red dot sight and a vertical foregrip.

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With the AR-6 Stinger we are revisiting a centuries-old concept – the repeating crossbow. Repeater crossbows were already being built and successfully used in Imperial China. The basic principle is simple: as soon as a bolt has been fired, the next bolt slips and you can immediately tension it again. A very fast sequence of shots is thus possible.

The AR-6 Stinger, however, bears our very own signature: top quality, absolute reliability, a robust yet slim design, innovative details – this is a crossbow that you can rely on. We use a very well-proven pistol crossbow, the 80lbs. Cobra made of aluminum. This means that the supply of wear and spare parts, such as the bowstring, is guaranteed everywhere and suitable arrows are also widespread. Our highly innovative and high-quality magazine, developed and manufactured here in Austria, is built on this proven basis. In combination it becomes a “stinger” – a 100% reliable, tactical, lightweight and practical repeating crossbow pistol.

The “Stinger” can be stored with a full magazine and is ready to fire with just one movement. Our blue training arrows fit into the magazine as well as our red hunting arrows with sharp blades (Attention: Crossbow hunting is prohibited in many countries!) – the “charge level indicator” on the magazine shows how many and which arrows are loaded in the magazine. With the laser you can hit at any time, also with one hand or “from the hip”, and you can aim at night with little or no light. A red dot sight can be attached to the upper sight rail with an ideal eye relief. With it you can aim well at further distance or in bright light. Just in case there is a mech on the top. Built-in visor with which you can hit all distances well. We recommend a maximum shooting distance of approx. 25 meters, but the actual danger area is much higher. The AR-6 Stinger is factory-fitted with a trigger safety device.

With the stinger you can practice shooting well (and above all without annoying the neighbors by making noise), you can hold a fun shooting competition with friends or, where permitted, kill smaller game or pests. For hunting use, we recommend the optional tuning limbs with significantly higher performance (220 FPS, over 17 joules of energy). But the included standard throwing arms (optimized for a high rate of fire) should not be underestimated and deliver arrow speeds of up to 175 FPS.

Attention: The AR-6 Stinger is NOT a toy and may only be used by adults! Improper use can lead to serious injuries or death!

Proof of age is required to order the AR-6 Stinger!

Weight 1.38 kg
Dimensions 49 × 43 × 20 cm

up to 220 fps depending on the weight of the bolt and the limbs

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