Steambow Premium Target

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The Steambow Premium Target is made of the innovative Slydarc foam and offers archers an entirely new level of convenience. You can pull the bolts or arrows out of the target with just two fingers.
In addition, the holes quickly heal by themselves, with only a darker spot showing that the target was struck by a bolt or arrow.
Just like our standard Steambow target, our Premium Target rapidly decelerates bolts and arrows to prevent damage to the vanes.

We recommend one of our Premium Targets for use with:

  • All models of the AR-6 series (Stinger I and II)
  • FENRIS up to a draw weight of 60 lbs

We recommend using two stacked Premium Targets for:

  • FENRIS at a draw weight above 60 lbs
  • Steambow Onyx

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Note: Do not fire at your Premium Target until it has reached room temperature. Especially when outside temperatures are low, the Slydarc foam in the TP-5711 target may be too cold and thus too hard when it is delivered. We generally recommend allowing the target to rest at room temperature for at least one hour before use. This allows the foam to become softer and prevents damage to the target.

Use at room temperature also provides for the soft-pull effect, meaning that you can remove the bolts or arrows from the target effortlessly with just two fingers. It doesn’t matter what kind of bolts or arrows you use. Even if you fire our AR series broadhead bolts with the 90 lbs PRO limbs into our Premium Target, you can pull them back out with ease.

After you remove the bolts or arrows, the foam heals on its own. The only sign that the target was struck is a small darker spot at the impact point.

Note: Despite the exceptional durability and long use you can expect from our Premium Target, it will still wear out.


Size: roughly 57 x 57 x 11 cm
Weight: roughly 6.7 kg