Steambow Onyx – Complete Set

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The Steambow ONYX is a collapsible, pneumatic-cocking crossbow in the AR-15 tactical look. With the ONYX, we’ve opted for a high rate of fire and as many pneumatic operations as possible from a single bottle. The ONYX has a high shot strength and, depending on the weight of the arrow, reaches up to 330 fps. The relatively wide limbs guarantee a long service life and are easy to fold for transport. That way, the crossbow is ready to fire again in a matter of seconds, without using any tools whatsoever.

The ONYX can be customized using AR-15 parts.

Including a telescopic sight, compressed air bottle, and a manual cocking system!

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We have put all of our experience in the Steambow ONYX and have made an exceptional crossbow that has a unique tactical look.

With our new PowerUnit you can cock the powerful limbs this crossbow definitely has, in no time and it is basically completely silent. With standardized AR-15 parts you can also change some main parts completely to your desire. As with any of our full-size crossbows you can collapse the limbs of the ONYX within a matter of seconds. Obviously, as with all our products, it is as precise as you would expect from us.

Our focus with this crossbow lies on having as many cocking processes with one HPA tank as well as a high rate of fire. Thus, we have chosen a relatively high draw weight and arrow speed.

Included in your delivery of the complete set:

  • 1 Steambow Onyx
  • 3 arrows
  • 1 quiver
  • 1 pair of string dampers
  • 1 Excalibur Dead Zone scope
  • 1 manual cocking aid for manual operation
  • 1 0.2 l DSG compressed air cylinder (aluminum, 200 bar)


Weight: 3.4 kg
Dimensions: 72.4 – 80 cm
Arrow speed: 330 fps