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Steambow Bulldog 440

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The Bulldog 440 from the Canadian manufacturer, Excalibur, is not only a perfect combination of speed, power and comfort, but also one of the most powerful hunting crossbows in the world. It shoots arrows at a speed of 440 fps (134 m/s).

In combination with our PowerUnit, it becomes a Steambow – collapsible and self-cocking.

Please let us know whether you want the bottle to be mounted on the side.
If so, please also let us know whether this should be mounted on the left or right.


  • 1 Steambow Bulldog 440
  • 1 Excalibur Tact100 scope
  • 4 Arrows including tips
  • 1 Quiver

The Bulldog 440 means power. Not for nothing is this crossbow, that shoots arrows with 440 fps (134 m/s), the most powerful crossbow in our portfolio.

With our PowerUnit even the draw weight of 300 lbs is no problem. However, this is not it. Our PowerUnit allows us to collapse even this monster of a crossbow to a very slim form factor.

This crossbow is the one for anyone who likes power!

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