Stinger Red Dot Sight

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High quality red dot sight for the AR-6 stinger. Robust construction, housing made of aluminum.

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High quality red dot sight for the AR-6 stinger.

Made entirely of aluminum. Exchangeable reticle (optional: “crosshair” for precise shots, “circle” for quick target acquisition or a “point” to cover little of the target) as well as changeable color and brightness of the reticle. With either red or green you have the best possible contrast depending on the environment. The brightness setting is especially necessary in poor light so as not to outshine the target or not to impair night vision.
The visor can be adjusted with repeat accuracy and offers a wide range of adjustment. With the supplied Allen key, the adjustment (and also the assembly) is done in a flash.


Batteries are included and have a long lifespan.
Color: Black