FENRIS Broadheads “Wolf Fangs” – Set of 3 pcs.

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The broadheads “Wolf Fangs” were created especially for the use with our FENRIS magazine. Top class aerodynamics coupled with a cutting diameter of 27,3 mm guarantee precise hits and lethal impacts.

The blade is made from stainless steel and can be fitted perfectly onto the arrow shaft thanks to an o-ring which comes with the tips. These tips are fully stackable in the FENRIS magazine.

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Broadheads “Wolf Fangs” fitted for the Steambow FENRIS™ magazine.

This set contains 3 broadheads.


Weight: 6,4 g / 100 grains
Cutting diameter: 27.3 mm / 1.074″
Blade thickness: 1 mm / 0.039″

In this video we show you the different FENRIS arrowheads: