AR-Series – Laser sight (red) for the internal accessory slot

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Adjustable laser sight suited for the internal accessory slot of the AR-6 Stinger I and AR-6 Stinger II Windage and elevation are adjusted with three screws on the front of the laser sight. It is possible to adjust the laser sight to any distance, but as it uses three screws for adjustment, it is not as straightforward as just using windage and elevation screws.

the red laser is ideal for low light situations, as the red light preserves your natural night vision. It is also ideal for indoor use, shooting from the hip or snapshots around a corner.


In some countries, such as Switzerland, this laser may NOT be imported. Please check if there is such a ban in your country before ordering!
Also the installation of the laser into the crossbow may be subject to local restrictions. Please check the legal situation in your country before you install the laser.

Batteries are included.

The laser sight is not suitable for firearms!

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Installing the red laser on your AR-6 Stinger II:

Adjusting the laser sight properly:

Overview of the different lasers/lights and their possibilities of use: