AR-Series – heavy Carbon-Warbolts – Set of 5 pcs.

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Heavy Warbolts for the AR-6 Stinger II and I

Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

Weight: 16 g / 247 grains

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The heavy Warbolts (marked by an additional stainless steel ring) are designed for our limbs with higher draw weights (90 to 150 lb). They have a high-quality aluminum nock and a hybrid carbon/aluminum shaft, meaning there is an aluminum core running inside the carbon shaft. This complex structure offers outstanding flight characteristics and makes the arrows extremely robust. At a weight of 247 grains, these arrows are considerably heavier and strike their target with high momentum. This allows them to carry extreme momentum into the target and to transfer a high degree of energy from the limb. This momentum combined with the sharp blade makes these arrows very effective and extremely dangerous.

Attention: Be sure to comply with the hunting laws in your country or state! Crossbow hunting is highly restricted in Europe!

Just like our Hunting Arrows, our Warbolts are fitted with a blade. But unlike our Hunting Arrows, these tips are based on historical arrow point designs. The designation “warbolt” comes from the fact that points of exactly this type were used in long-ago wars. They are considerably more robust than Hunting Arrows and offer much better penetration through hard materials (for example metal armor in a historical context) than the less robust Hunting Arrows thanks to the heavy forged and hardened point. This means that the arrows can be reused more times, and that they are not as susceptible to damage. At the same time, the cutting edges on these arrows are not nearly as sharp as on our Hunting Arrows and also cannot be sharpened to such a fine edge due to the blade geometry. If your primary concern is having robust arrows, then our Warbolts are your best choice.

Attention: These arrows, despite having cutting edges that are not as sharp, cut with ease through leather, hide, and tissue and cause heavy bleeding. A single hit with such an arrow can easily cause mortal wounds, so extreme caution must be exercised when using them.