AR-Series – heavy Carbon-Target Arrows – Set of 10 pcs.

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Heavy Target Arrows for the AR-6 Stinger II and I

Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

Weight: 11.2 g / 172 grains

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The heavy Target Arrows (marked by an additional stainless-steel ring) are designed for our limbs with higher draw weights (90 to 120 lb). They have a high-quality aluminum nock and a hybrid carbon/aluminum shaft, meaning there is an aluminum core running inside the carbon shaft. This complex structure offers outstanding flight characteristics and makes the arrows extremely robust.

Ambitious target shooters demand repeatable results and as little wear on their materials as possible. The focus is on regular practice, and the goal is the greatest possible precision and accuracy in competitions.
We have optimized our Target Arrows for these requirements. Highly precise flight characteristics, a weight matched to our limbs, a very robust design, and a point that does as little damage to the target as possible. Our arrows also feature a very appealing visual design – in the case of the Target Arrows a blue anodized aluminum ring, carbon shaft, and CNC turned stainless steel field point.