AR-Series Carbon Bodkin Arrows – Set of 6 pcs. – Sellout!

17,50 incl. VAT

Sellout! These arrows do not have the usual Steambow quality and are therefore sold off!

Since the arrows can not meet our quality standards, but it would be a shame to simply sort them out, we give you the opportunity to use them for fun and practice purposes. Not every arrow is top processed and individual arrows may have weaknesses in their bonding and/or material. Please check carefully before use and rework the arrows yourself if necessary or use the components as spare parts donors.

The limitations mentioned only apply to this one batch, which is only offered here by us. Previous batches of carbon bodkins are not affected!

From this condition it results that we cannot offer support for these arrows.

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Our heavy Premium Bodkin Arrows consist of a hardened tool steel point, a solid stainless steel segment for additional weight, and a carbon fiber half shaft with an aluminum core for optimal flight characteristics. These bodkin arrows were developed for maximum penetration and flight stability, are affected little by wind, and can be used with any draw weight without limitations.

At a weight of 231 grains, these arrows are considerably heavier than most pistol crossbow arrows, and strike their target with high momentum. They can penetrate hard materials like metal sheeting or glass with ease.

Even though they have no blades, these arrows cause considerably more damage than practice or match arrows. Combined with their ability to penetrate targets very effectively, this makes them highly dangerous. This means that greater care must be exercised when using bodkin arrows, and better targets are needed.