AR-6 Stinger II tuning trigger

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Our tuning trigger greatly reduces the trigger weight (almost minus 50% when used in conjunction with the 90-lb PRO limbs) and helps you to consistently hit your target. Especially for sportive and recreational use the tuning trigger offers a lot of benefits. The more constant trigger weight (with the standard trigger the trigger weight goes up until the arrow is launched) and better feel makes shooting easier and for many shooters also more precise.
The standard trigger does punish trigger mistakes a lot more and it takes much less training effort to get proficient with the new tuning trigger.

Product contents:

  • 1 Trigger in black color
  • 1 Trigger in red color
  • 1 Rack
  • 1 Spring
  • 1 Pin

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Take a glance at our new tuning trigger:


Learn how easy it is to install the tuning trigger into your Stinger 2: