The ultimate iteration of our AR-6 Stinger II Tactical

It is not only the best looking Stinger that we have ever built, but also the most technically advanced with its key new features.

The Special Edition set is truly a sight to behold, and we are only making 350. The magazine is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a durable CeraKote finish, and is laser engraved with our new Steambow coat of arms.

The mainframe is fitted with the new Tuning Trigger and slotted to accept the quick detach limb blocks. This makes the Stinger II easy to transport, and you can switch between the two included limbs (55 lb and 90 lb) in a matter of seconds.

The set also includes the first series of our new Steambow knife with a special, jet black PVD coating that will only be available with the Special Edition. The serial number on the knife is the same as the serial number on the magazine, meaning each set has matching numbers.

The Special Edition also includes plenty of accessories like our tactical flashlight, one speed loader with a quiver, and 11 broadhead bolts.

--- SOLD OUT ---

6 bolts
Total weight
1,5 kg
56 cm
Bolt speed
Kinetic energy

Measured with the 90 lbs AR-6 Stinger II PRO fiberglass/carbon fiber composite limbs

Delivery includes:

AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition

  • AR-6 Stinger II mainframe, slotted for the Quick Detach Limbs and incl. tuning trigger
  • AR-6 Stinger II metal magazine, CeraKote finish with special laser engraving
  • K-1 knife with aluminum scales, PVD coating
  • 55 lb limb with mounting block and installed black string
  • 90 lb limb with mounting block and installed black string
  • Speed loader with quiver (filled with 5 broadhead bolts)
  • 11 broadhead bolts (5 are in the speed loader and 6 included separately)
  • Steambow flashlight (300 lumens) with belt clip
  • Panaro MAX 800 hard case with water jet cut foam insert
  • AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition owner’s manual in German and English

The laser sight can be purchased separately in our shop.

The AR-6 Stinger II „Special Edition“

This trailer will give you a first look at our Special Edition. Don’t let the good looks fool you, our Special Edition is also a robust repeating crossbow that offers maximum reliability and a high rate of fire – even under the most adverse conditions. It is ideal for use in urban areas and indoors, where rapid target acquisition and quick reactions are paramount. The Special Edition is the complete package that checks very box.


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Knife "K1"
The K1 knife is a high quality tactical knife manufactured to our exacting specifications in Italy. The blade is made of Böhler N690 steel, a high-end knife steel with very good corrosion resistance. The scales are milled from aluminum and have the same CeraKote finish as the Special Edition magazine.
Our N690 blade offers outstanding edge retention plus good toughness and wear resistance – it keeps its edge well, doesn’t rust, but can still be sharpened easily. The included sheath (for right- or left-handed users) can be clipped to a belt or mounted on the crossbow. The scales can be swapped out easily or taken off for cleaning.

Coat of arms for highest quality
The new Steambow coat of arms is being unveiled with this Special Edition set. It represents well founded design, uncompromising quality, and clever details. This coat of arms will be featured on all of our premium tactical products and stands for hard use under all conditions, no matter how severe. The coat of arms consists of two crossed Roman short swords and a scorpion prepared to strike, and our founding year of 2016. This coat of arms is featured on the magazine and on the K1 knife, which have matching serial numbers.

Rear notch and front sight
The metal Stinger II magazine has a spring-loaded cover and mechanical front and rear sights. The magazine cover pops open at the press of a lever, saves valuable seconds when reloading, and makes it considerably easier to use speed loaders – especially in combination with the side button. But the true highlight is the new sights. An adjustable fiber optic front sight and a true notch rear sight allow fast and repeatable aiming.

Hard case
Our AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition comes in an Italian Panaro MAX 800 hard case. This is a top-tier, waterproof hard case for transporting and protecting instruments and sensitive equipment. The MAX 800 offers superb protection against the weather, water, dust, and impacts, and has an automatic pressure equalization valve. It is IP67 rated and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes without water entering the case. With its ATA 300 certification and compliance with various military specifications (DEF STAN 81-41, STANAG 4280), these hard cases are suitable for a wide range of uses such as boating, photography, diving, outdoor sports, medical equipment, military and special operations units, and the transport of aeronautics and space components.

Why choose the AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition?


You cock the limbs quickly and easily with a cocking lever, which makes for extremely rapid strings of fire. And thanks to the aluminum magazine on the Stinger II Special Edition, this version is easier to hold steady and is less sensitive to trigger control errors than the featherweight standard version.


The magazine cover pops open at the press of a lever, and can be filled very quickly using a speed loader. And the side button also makes it easier to use speed loaders. The magazine can be used with broadhead bolts, bodkin bolts, and our practice bolts with field points.


The new sights with a rear notch and adjustable fiber optic front sight make aiming with the Stinger even easier and more repeatable. Combined with the AR-15/M4 buttstock, the crossbow is steady when aiming, which makes for a level of precision never before seen from a compact crossbow. The installed Tuning Trigger provides a light and predictable trigger pull.


With the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical, there is no need to walk around with a cocked crossbow as would be necessary with a conventional platform – you can make it ready to fire in an instant. You no longer put your hand in danger by loading an arrow in front of a cocked string. This makes the AR-6 Stinger II considerably safer than most conventional crossbows.


The AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition is equipped with our new Quick Detach Limbs. This allows the crossbow to fit into most packs or bags, but also to be made ready for use in just a few seconds without tools. A thumbscrew allows the magazine to be flipped up so the bow can be easily cleaned and maintained.


The AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition is a comprehensive package that covers all the bases. The crossbow comes with plenty of accessories, and the tactical flashlight (installation on the crossbow is not legal in all countries and requires an additional mount) can be used to reliably identify targets in the dark. The included K1 knife is an excellent tactical knife but can also be used as a utility or hunting knife.


Our AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition is extremely robust and practically indestructible thanks to the impact-resistant and durable polymer material. The aircraft-grade aluminum magazine is also extremely tough and designed to offer maximum reliability and a long service life.


The AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition is made of high-quality, ultra-light polymer and high-alloy aluminum. Weighing in at just 1.5 kg fully equipped, it is one of the lightest tactical crossbows.


556 – 632 mm*
445 mm
219 mm
1,53 kg
Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer, 7075 aluminum

* Adjustable buttstock


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